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2 Bottle Sparkling Wine Gift Box

Le Grand Courtâge 2 Bottle Sparkling Wine Gift Box 750 ml


Turn every day into a celebration with our beautiful sparkling wine gift set. Give Le Grand Courtâge Blanc De Blancs Brut and Brut Rosé packaged together in an elegant quilted silver gift box.

2 Bottle Sparkling Wine Gift Box


Blanc Chardonnay, Ugni Blanc, Gamay | Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Ugni Blanc, Colombard | Grenache and Cinsault
Rose Chardonney, Ugni Blanc, Gamay
12 gr/L | 10 gr/L

Tasting Notes

Le Grand Courtâge Brut Rosé: Chardonnay provides a depth and structure, while the Ugni Blanc offers natural acidity and freshness. The light-bodied Gamay provides vibrant fruit expressions and a smooth texture.

Le Grand Courtâge Blanc de Blancs Brut: Chardonnay imparts depth and complexity for the overall balance while Chenin Blanc lends citrus and hints of honey for a creamy texture. Colombard’s higher acidity provides structure, length and a pleasant minerality that is supplemented by Ugni Blanc’s fresh fruit profile.