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Explore the World

Le Grand Courtâge Explore the World

Sauvignon Blanc $22

The intent is to create an experiential label that will allow consumers to engage multiple senses and get a better understanding for the atmosphere and essence of a location in a fun and informative way.

  • QR Code with links to recipes, a music playlist reminiscent of the region, a little history of the place and maybe even cooking demonstrations
  • Can order poster in addition to the label.. And collect them.
  • Great for Wine Club options
  • Could also be called ‘Dream. Explore. Discover.”

The artwork behind these location-based labels would showcase landmarks and cultural references with indicative of where the wine is made and hearkens back to the iconic travel posters of the past. Think of it as a passport to explore and learn about the world.

The graphics below offer a conceptual framework. We’d develop specific labels once a region is chosen. The beauty is that this concept allows for endless ideation for private labels for different regions and can showcase international or domestic wines and feature regions such as Willamette, Sonoma, Tuscany etc.

Explore the World

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