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Rosé Soirée

Le Grand Courtâge + Très Chic Rosé Soirèe


Get ready for a Rosé Soirée with these packs! Enjoy one bottle each, 3 bottles each, or 6 bottles each of Le Grand Courtage Brut Rosé and our NEW Très Chic Rosé to make a statement at your next gathering.

Rosé Soirèe - 1 each Brut Rosé and Très Chic - $40
Rosé Soirèe - 3 each Brut Rosé and Très Chic - $111
Rosé Soirèe - 6 each Brut Rosé and Très Chic - $210

See the world through rosé colored glasses!

Chardonnay, Ugni Blanc, Gamay; Grenache, Cinsault
12 gr/L
Steel tank at 51ºF; 16°C in stainless steel vats
3.3; 3.34
11.50%; 13%

Tasting Notes

Le Grand Courtâge: Chardonnay provides a depth and structure, while the Ugni Blanc offers natural acidity and freshness. The light-bodied Gamay provides vibrant fruit expressions and a smooth texture.

Très Chic: The coastal terroir produces exuberant wines with hues of rose petal and flavors of grapefruit, red berries and tropical fruit. Delicate on the palate with balanced acidity.

Food Pairing

Le Grand Courtâge: This Brut Rosé complements a range of foods, from savory to sweet. Pair with spicy Asian dishes, risotto, BBQ, beef, lamb, duck, chicken, prosciutto, pizza, soft cheese (like brie or goat), cheesecake, crème brûlée, strawberry shortcake or berry pie.

Très Chic: Pairs stunningly with shellfish, grilled meats, salmon, sushi, charcuterie, pizza, creamy sauces, mild cheeses and spiced dishes such as Asian or Latin cuisine.