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We might not have all the scoop on fantasy leagues or know all the stats, but if there is one thing we know how to do, it’s how to elevate any event or space. And yes, that includes Fall tailgates! Why should you elevate your tailgate or game day you might ask? Well, men show up for the sports and food, but women also love wine and Instagram-worthy aesthetic as much as the game itself (or more).  In truth, the party food is just as important as the game itself! Bring the neighborhood or friends together for the ultimate outside gatherings this season and as we like to say, live joyously.

Below are 3 simple ways to elevate your tailgate or game day festivities.

Mini 187ml Wines

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, why not step up your game with mini champagne bottles.  Our 187ml French bubbly will be sure to please and in truth sparkling wine is the most versatile of wine from a food pairing standpoint.  Ideal Breakfast to dessert and a perfect pairing for savory, rich foods like fried chicken, hot dogs, or chips, spicy hors d’oeuvres or just a mornin’ mimosa…. everyone loves the small format bottles.  For event planning, the creative use for the piccolos is endless.  The 187ml is a perfect pour and a great alternative to beer in the cooler.

A bucket o’ bubbles or a table of minis is a great statement and design element in and of itself. Set up a mini wine bar on the back of your pickup truck, stuff them in a bucket full of ice or include them as a party favor. Get creative by attaching your favorite team’s label to the bottles or even better, top them off with mini donuts for fun.

Mini Champagne Poundcakes – utilize champagne in your recipe for some extra decadence!

Sports-Themed Edibles

Turn your go-to snack and food items into sports-themed edibles by incorporating your team colors. Cupcakes, cookies and baked goods are the perfect snacks to add a bit more color to. By upping your game day entertaining prowess, we promise it won’t matter if you know the quarterback’s name or not. Support comes in many forms and that includes being the hostess with the mostess.

Be the MVP of bringing people together this fall and elevate your game with the minor details and nosh that go the extra step!  We gathered some inspiration to make life easer.

Cheers to celebrating and elevating the every day!