tres chic rosé

The French even have an expression which translates to “rosé all year” or “rosé tout l’année”. The reality is that rosé goes great with a variety of flavors, as rosé has enough structure and body to stand up to heavier dishes without overwhelming more delicate ones. Ideal for summer, but rosé is equally good with a pizza and fire or Thanksgiving dinner.

Still and sparkling rosé are versatile wines, which make for a great aperitif or pairing with food. Further, rosé offers the best of both worlds as it has a white wine structure and more of the red wine flavor undertones, so it can be as light or intense as necessary depending on the food it’s being paired with. We call it the perfect ‘in between’ wine as rosé serves as a ‘white wine alternative’ for typically red wine-leaning drinkers, since it has added structure and complexity while delivering a fresh clean finish like a white wine.

Created by our owner, Tawnya Falkner, who is the consummate entertainer, she wanted to create approachable and versatile wines that make hostessing easy. She took the leap and moved to France and her journey led to the creation of these 90+ point wines.

Le Grand Courtâge – French sparkling rosé (750ml & 187ml)

  • If choosing a sparkling rosé, the refreshing bubbles also act as a palate cleanser (aka the scrubbing bubbles for the palate) and help to tone down the heat on spicy cuisine and complement the heavy, rich and savory flavors but are light enough for sweet desserts.   
  • Le Grand Courtâge Brut Rosé contains Gamay which is ideal because of its versatility and ability to pair with a wide range of foods, much like what’s found at Thanksgiving. 

Très Chic Rosé (750ml)

  • People are looking for less of the familiar blush rosés which range from medium to sweet and instead are in search of rosés with more structure and complexity. Our Très Chic rosé provides exuberant flavors of berries, citrus, tropical fruit with a hint of herbs, pepper and spice on the finish. 
  • The wine is fresh, dry and a pronounced acidity, without extra sugar to bury its mineral and fruity flavors and aromas. This lush, juicy wine offers an ideal wine from brunch to dessert.

The perfect pairing = less stress

The delicate, dryness with the acidity and fruit on the finish make it a perfect pairing for cocktails too. Mix away up cocktails with seasonal fruits for delightful treat. We suggest an apple cider sangria or pear infused vodka as early fall favorites. As fall and winter draw near, try our still or sparkling rosé with brown spirits like whiskey.

Our wines are approachable, affordable and versatile and enormously cuisine, cocktail and consumer friendly. 

People often stress themselves out over whether or not they need to serve red or white with their meal. What better way to remove that layer of stress and serve guests a still or sparkling for virtually any gathering!

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