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Live Joyously Sparkling Cocktail Competition

Contest Details


2023 Competition

Calling all bartenders and mixologists.  We are looking for creative individuals to conceive of a cocktail using Le Grand Courtâge’s (LGC) Blanc de Blancs or Brut Rosé.   We want the creation to embody the French spirit of Joie de Vivre and living joyously as we are about elevating and celebrating the every day!

The *POP* of the cork is the universal sound of happy and sparkling wine is an extremely versatile cocktail ingredient as the bubbles add a nice textural element with the effervescence, and the acidity offers a great balance point.  Our price and palate make LGC perfect for cocktails.   We are on the hunt for the best sparkling wine cocktail made by America’s best bartenders.  Do you have a cocktail you are particularly proud of?


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Competition Rules

Professional Competition – This challenge is catered towards those who have worked, or still work, professionally within the bartending community.

Part One: First 100 entrants to reply with address, will receive a free bottle of Blanc and ​Rosé to use for the competition submittal.

If product is sent for Free, then it is expected that you submit an entry, and ideally each Competitionant will submit BOTH a Blanc de Blanc and Brut Rosé cocktail options.

After the 1st 100 respondents, Entrants may purchase bottles for experimentation either at 1) our website CLICK:  Blanc & Brut Rosé using the PROMO code COCKTAIL COMPETITION for 60% OFF, 2) through  or 3) you may order from one  of our US Distributors

Pre-Register (Closed)

PART TWO:  Conceive of a creative libation featuring Le Grand Courtâge French Sparkling wine (Blanc &/or ​Rosé), submit a photo of the drink along with a detailed recipe and instructions of how to make drink. Also, please tell us in brief why/how the cocktail encapsulates the Live Joyously state of mind.

Upload Cocktail

PART THREE: 20 finalists and 3 alternates will be selected. The Finalists will be asked to submit a video no longer than 5 minutes long preparing and describing their cocktail.

Upload Video (Coming Soon)

A panel of judges will evaluate the video submissions and narrow to the Top 10 to be re-created for in-person tasting with a panel of judges which will consist of Tawnya Falkner – Proprietor, Le Grand Courtâge; Chilled Magazine and Michael Page, Breakthru Mixologist.

Competition Submittal Dates:

  • Pre-registration for Free Bottles – 1st 100 – 8/7 – 8/15
  • Competition Submittal Dates – 8/15 – 9/15
  • Narrow to Top 20 – 9/15 – 9/22
  • Top 20 Submit Video –  9/29
  • Finals – Creation of Cocktails & Judging – 10/11
  • Announcement of Winners – 11/1

7 Total Prizes

Open to trade, distributors, and cocktail personalities

Top Blanc & ​Rosé Winner gets $2000!

  • 1st  place –  $2000 (2)  both Blanc and ​Rosé ($4000 could be awarded to 1 person)
  • 2nd  place –  $1000
  • 3rd  place – $500

Honorary Mentions:

  • Riff on a Classic – $300
  • Fun & Unique – $300
  • Easiest to Replicate (<4 ingredients) – $300

Top 2 will also receive a complimentary bottle of Le Grand Courtâge every month, for a whole year!

Additionally, the 20 selected cocktails along with the winner’s name and bio, will also be featured on our Cocktail Cards which are given out to trade for inspiration, on our website, on our social platforms in our downloadable cocktail booklets and in Le Grand Courtâge’s Brand Overview.

Requirements For Entry (Max 2 Blanc &/Or Rosé Entries In TOTAL Per Person):

  • Cocktail name
  • Cocktail image
  • List of ingredients, garnish & glassware
  • Preparation & mixing instructions
  • Le Grand Courtâge must be a minimum 1.5 oz of 25% of ingredients (Cocktail Size: Min 4oz & Max 6 oz)
  • Max of 6 components to cocktail (not inc. garnishes etc)
  • Inspiration for the drink and how it relates to the theme Live Joyously.

Judging Criteria (100 Points)

Cocktails will be evaluated based upon the entire experience of the cocktail – taste, aroma, balance and visual using the following criteria.

  • 15 points – Creativity and Originality of Drink
  • 20 points – Presentation / Appearance
  • 20 points – Unique/Intelligent use of Sparkling Wine
  • 35 points – Balance of Taste/ Aroma/ Character
  • 10 points – Name Originality, Relevance, and Appeal
  • BONUS – 10 points – Earn up to 10 points for dedicated posts on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and/or YouTube. Scored based upon number and quality of posts. MUST INCLUDE RELEVANT TAGS @legrandcourtage @ChilledMagazine #LGCLiveJoyously

Rules To Enter

After the 1st 100 respondents, Entrants may purchase a bottle for experimentation either at 1) LGC website Click:   Brut Rose or Blanc de Blancs Brut using the PROMO code “COCKTAIL COMPETITION“, 2) or 3) you may order HERE from one of our Distributors in the US

  • No purchase is required to enter.
  • Open to U.S. residents only where eligible, void where prohibited.
  • All persons entering must live in the U.S. and be of legal drinking
  • Le Grand Courtâge French sparkling must be a primary ingredient in the cocktail (i.e. star of the show) and the only Sparkling wine used(Min 25% of the drink or 1.5 ounces). Recipe must have a Minimum serve of 4oz and a maximum of 6oz, and there should be no more than 6 ingredients in drink (not including dashes, sprays, or garnish).  For example, if they express lemon zest or a spray of rose water that does not get included in the 6 main components of the cocktail.
  • Cocktails must contain standard ingredients. Homemade ingredients must be easily replicable and cannot have more than six (6) components. Examples of homemade ingredients are shrubs, syrups, and infusions. Recipe for Homemade ingredients required.
  • Garnish is recommended but not required.
  • SUBMISSIONS SHOULD BE REPLICABLE IN A BAR PROGRAM AND BALANCE BOTH THE EASE OF REPLICATION.  The ingredients should not include ingredients that would be difficult for any bartender to access or make.
  • Ingredients must be expressed in fluid ounces (.5 oz., 1 oz., 2 oz., etc.), with dashes and drops being the smallest quantities. Preparation and mixing instructions must be included with your recipe and type of glassware.
  • Photo of finished cocktail (for style reference and can be done on smart phone)
  • The Le Grand Courtâge cocktail recipe must have a name. The name may not include any copyrighted or trademarked material or any retailer’s name. The cocktail name must not contain any profanity or derogatory language. You may use Le Grand Courtâge in the name.
  • Headshot of entrant – please include a photo of yourself that we can post on social media, website, articles or press releases.
  • Entries must not allude to the overconsumption or irresponsible consumption of alcohol nor represent our brand in an inappropriate manner. If considered illegal, profane or obscene, in our sole discretion, entry will be disqualified.
  • All entries requirements must be adhered to, or the entry will be considered null and void.
  • Shooters are fun, but not permitted.


Process For Judging

Final 10 Competitionants will have their cocktail recreated by judges and tasted.

  • All submissions will 1st be reviewed by Chilled and LGC to ensure each Competitionant has fully completed the form and is eligible to compete.
  • For our initial review, cocktails will be judged based upon ingredients, description, and photo to narrow down to the top 20 and we will then ask for a video from the short list of finalists. The video shall be 2-5 minutes maximum and should show the entrant preparing and talking through the steps as well as describing their cocktail and how this encapsulates the theme of living joyously.  We will notify by September 22nd  and ask for videos to be submitted by September 29th .
  • All completed submissions will be blind judged by the panel, which is defined as evaluating only the recipe and essay submissions while not considering the name, city or account of the Competition.
  • Tasting/Judging to occur on October 11th and Winner announced November 1st.

About Le Grand Courtâge

Independent, female-owned and managed, award-winning French wine brand launched by American entrepreneur Tawnya Falkner, and today is one of the top selling French sparkling wine brands in the Premium category.

Sourcing from across multiple French wine regions, and blending unique varietals, the wines are crafted in Nuits-Saint-Georges, Burgundy.  Le Grand Courtâge Blanc de Blancs Brut is a blend of Chardonnay, Colombard, Ugni Blanc and Chenin Blanc from Burgundy, Loire Valley and Languedoc, and Le Grand Courtâge Brut Rosé is a blend of Chardonnay, Ugni Blanc and Gamay from Burgundy, Languedoc and Beaujolais.  Sold nationally, Le Grand Courtâge symbolizes “the Great Courtship” and signifies the courtship between French and American wine culture, grapes from different regions and the old and new world styles.

Founder Tawnya Falkner’s vision was to create an affordable luxury which personifies the French spirit of joie de vivre and both elevates and celebrates the every day.

** ENTRANTS MUST BE 21+. No purchase is required to enter. Open to U.S. residents only where eligible, void where prohibited. You also confirm that you are the owner of the content (images, music), or are using royalty free assets & /or are authorized to submit. For Royalty-Free Music & SFX for Video Creators see sites like Epidemic Sound or Artlist.