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Très Chic Rosé

Très Chic Rosé 750ml


Très Chic Rosé is a sip of Southern France, an escape to lavender fields, coastal vineyards and Mediterranean beaches. Created by an American woman who moved to France, Très Chic evokes a state of mind: youthful, fresh and avant-garde.

Notes of red berries, grapefruit and tropical fruit. Dry with a nice balance of fruit and acidity.

This rose petal hued wine offers aromatics of red currant and thyme.

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***  Note that 1 case = 12 bottles.   For the Rosé Pool Float please enter the Promo Code that you were provided at checkout.  The price for the wine, along with the float, will be adjusted and all will ship together.

Delicate hues of rose petal with notes of red berries and bright citrus.


Grenache & Cinsault
Sud de France – IGP ays d’Oc
Fermented at 16°C in stainless steel vats

Tasting Notes

The coastal terroir produces exuberant wines with hues of rose petal and flavors of grapefruit, red berries and tropical fruit. Delicate on the palate with balanced acidity.

Food Pairing

Pairs stunningly with shellfish, grilled meats, salmon, sushi, charcuterie, pizza, creamy sauces, mild cheeses and spiced dishes such as Asian or Latin cuisine.