brut rosé cocktail

We collaborated with our friends at to create a signature Brut Rosé Floral Cocktail for LGC. This elegant cocktail is the perfect drink to enjoy with girlfriends this spring. The acidity that is added to the palate mixed with the delicate bubbles of our Brut Rosé create the perfect synergy with the vodka to entice your taste buds. Your friends will be impressed and ask for more. We hope you enjoy it!

LGC Brut Rosé Floral Cocktail

LGC Brut Rose Floral Cocktail is a beautiful and elegant drink with edible flowers, that is the perfect signature sparkling drink for you.

This floral cocktail is a perfect wedding cocktail that you can enjoy at a bridal shower. It’s also great for you to enjoy with your girls on a night out.

We are most excited to share our Rosé Champagne and Floral sprinkles Cocktail Recipe with you. This drink is even prettier than it is sweet. It’s a perfect drink to share with your guests.


12 oz Le Grand Courtâge Brut Rosé
12 oz Grapefruit juice
6 oz Vodka
½ oz of Mint simple syrup
Edible flowers for petal garnishes

Combine the vodka, grapefruit juice, Brut Rosé, and simple syrup and shake over ice until chilled, then strain and fill glasses. Top with flower petals for an elegant and chic finish.

Where To Buy Edible Flower Petal Garnishes

To make these drinks beautiful and presentable to your guests, we need flower petal garnishes that are edible.

We got our edible flowers at our local grocery store in the produce section (next to the herbs).

In this article you will find different edible florals, to help guide you with how to properly clean them, how to choose different variations, and other practical tips that you can follow.

Store-bought versions that you may find in the produce section should also be properly cleaned and rinsed before you use them in any edible elements.

For more floral cocktail inspirations I highly recommend you check out Bri of Designlovefest and the cocktail post.  She used edible flowers in her cocktail drinks as well or combine them with this cake, and die of floral happiness.

Consuming Edible Florals

 We highly advise you to follow the proper instructions for edible florals closely. If you already suffer from chronic allergies, be careful and cautious about consuming the florals.

Adding these beautiful edible flowers to your drinks will really impress your guests and yourself!

For more inspiration and recipes that include beautiful edible florals, check out our favorites listed below:

We would love to see the drinks you created and shared with your guests. So please share with us on Instagram using the hashtag #LeGrandCourtage. We can’t wait to see your creations! We have more drink recipes for you right here that you may enjoy!

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