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Lifestyle changes don’t stop the party! Keep the good times flowing with inclusive wines that everyone will love!

Le Grand Courtâge award-winning and affordable French sparkling and rosé wines are vegan-friendly, low calorie, low carb, and cuisine and cocktail friendly, every adult can enjoy and all you have to do is simply chill & enjoy…. And they are female owned and operated so it’s a plus, plus all around! Without the expensive price of champagne, these bubbles won’t break the bank.

The French wine trio (Le Grand Courtâge Blanc de Blancs Brut, Le Grand Courtâge Brut Rosé, and Provence-style Très Chic Rosé) each score 90+ points. The two sparkling varieties are less than 100 calories and just 2 grams of carbohydrates per serving, and pair with practically anything! So keep the bubbly and rosé chilling to be ready for celebrations at any moment!

Light, versatile, and perfect for champagne cocktails, these wines truly do it all!

Top 5 Keto Foods That Pair Well With Sparkling Wines

Cheese: Rich, delicious cheeses like brie and aged cheddar are two favorites that please any crowd! Sparkling Wine and cheese pairing is easier than you think. Are you hosting a sparkling wine and cheese party? Or maybe you just want to enjoy some sparkling wine and good cheese and would like to find the perfect match! Well, look no further as we’ve outlined wine and cheese pairing here.

Pork Rinds: Salty, crunchy, fried foods are a match made in heaven for sparkling wines. The slightly sweet wines balance the grease and salt like a scrumptious symphony. The best food pairings for sparkling wine will normally consist of richer foods and those which are greasy, fat, fried, or spicy are perfect complements as both the acidity and effervescence help to balance heavier foods. Many in the industry call sparkling wine the ’scrubbing bubbles’ for the palate as it perfectly cleanses the tongue in between bites.

Bacon (& Eggs): Savory breakfast foods balance the acidity of brut and sparkling rosé nicely. Our brut rosé is made with Gamay, a grape known for its pairing ability for comfort foods like holiday meals and brunch favorites! Read more on brunch wine pairings here.

Blackberries: The fruity, tart, burst of flavor from blackberries is a fun way to play up the flavors of a champagne or champagne alternative such as a blanc de blancs brut! See our featured Blackberry French 75 recipe for a delicious Mother’s Day or Fun Spring Cocktail.

Mushrooms: The earthy taste and unique texture of mushrooms can be polarizing to some but champagne lovers tend to embrace this food pairing because of all the ways you can play up the flavors of the many different kinds of mushrooms!

Sparkling wines and rosé are the all-star pairing wines – making food pairings pretty much foolproof. They are especially great for hostesses everywhere because of their versatile pairing ability. Truly amazing breakfast through dessert – bubbly is the perfect pairing choice Bubbles are the most versatile of wine from a pairing perspective and truly go breakfast through dessert. Perfect as a hostess gift, party favors, and ideal for bubbly cocktail mixing.

Take the guesswork out of food pairing and mixing sparkling cocktails! We’ve created a collection of resources featuring all our favorite things: delicious cocktail recipes, effortless entertaining ideas, foolproof food pairing guide, brunch and bridal season look books, even a list of our favorite playlists to really get the party going! Click here to retrieve our free ebooks that make entertaining effortless.

We believe in embracing the French spirit of joie de vivre, or “joy of life”, where elevating and celebrating the everyday moments is our way of romanticizing the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Won’t you join us in our mission to #livejoyously?

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