From harvest gatherings to Halloween parties and Thanksgiving cocktail hour, mix up festive & fun fall drinks for tailgates and spooky season! Award winning and affordable French sparkling wines make ideal mixers because of their inherent versatility in food pairing (great to pair  breakfast through dessert, savory to sweet) and add a fun effervescence to adult halloween drinks.

French Rosé: not just a summer drink! ​​The French even have an expression which translates to “rosé all year” or “rosé tout l’année”. The reality is that rosé goes great with a variety of flavors, as rosé has enough structure and body to stand up to heavier dishes without overwhelming more delicate ones. Ideal for summer, but rosé is equally good with a pizza and fire or Thanksgiving dinner. Read on for more on why rosé is a perfect fall wine.

Favorite Halloween Cocktails For A Spooky Good Time

Vampire Kiss, Vampire Bite or Witches Brew? Rosé wines are the perfect hue and flavor profile for spooky (& flirty!) Halloween-themed drinks and cocktails! With their practically foolproof versatility, these wines are ideal for pairing with anything from themed Halloween dinners, buttered popcorn, candy apples, and YES, even trick-or-treating candy, including both chocolate-covered and fruit-forward favorites. Don’t let the kids have all the fun – mix up something festive for the adults! Get the free Halloween cocktail recipe book here.

Sparkling Fall Cocktail Inspiration: Our Favorite Fall Drink Recipes For Thanksgiving & Tailgates | Fall Sangria, Apple Cider Mimosas, Autumn Punch & More

Fall Food & Wine Pairings | Thanksgiving Food & Drinks

Easy Fall Parties Blog has loads of inspiration with fun, festive sparkling fall cocktails, foolproof wine and fall food pairings, playlists that elevate the party, entertaining ideas, & BONUS wine lover’s gift guide! (Also see our fabulous feminine fall tailgate feature with Katie Jacobs!)

These are perfect guides for harvest gatherings, grown up halloween parties, fall holiday getaways, or a cozy winter’s night at home.

We’re committed to serving up the best and easiest ways to cultivate JOY in the everyday moments, especially during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Which is why we’ve put together several resources to make this holiday season a breeze, with more time around the table with friends and family.

Visit our Universal Sound Of Happy page to browse and download our seasonal guides!

Or visit our eBooks page for free brunch, bridal, gifting, and wine pairing guides + more.

Year Round Cocktails: More Inspired Sparkling & Rosé Cocktails

More Curated Sparkling Cocktail Recipe Booklets For Instant Download

Mix it up! We’ve compiled dozens of our favorite sparkling and rosé cocktail recipes and organized them for you for easy, effortless cocktail creation for any occasion! Enjoy a variety of Le Grand Courtâge Sparkling and Très Chic Rosé cocktail recipes in our curated cocktail booklets:

For convenience, you can find our SPARKLING COCKTAILS & TASTING NOTES booklet organized by spirit type here.

We’ve put together a list of our favorites in our SIGNATURE COCKTAILS Booklet if you’re looking for drinks to really WOW! Plus our NEW Rosé Cocktail Recipe Booklet featuring our Southern France Très Chic Rosé.

Need something mellow & light? Here is a Low-ABV, HEALTH-INSPIRED COCKTAILS Booklet for just the occasion!

Love the Aperol spritz? Find our SPRITZER COCKTAILS Booklet here for sparkling alternatives.

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Simple Ways To Elevate The Party | How To Dress Up Your Drinks

DIY: Fancy Ice Cubes & Sugared Fruit or Herbs

We love this easy, inexpensive way to upgrade the party! Eye catching and memorable decor for guests, floral ice, glitter ice, fruity, and herbed ice cubes add so much fun to the occasion.

Fun Ways to Serve Up Drinks & Dessert

It’s all in the presentation. For a festive twist, serve your favorite sparkling cocktails in ornament bulbs! Desserts in wine or martini glasses also serve up a little oh-la-la!

Beautiful Fun Cocktail Garnishes

Get into the seasonal spirit! We love pomegranate seeds, cinnamon , and rock candy swizzle sticks this time of year. Kick it up a notch by sugaring seasonal fruit or herbs for a simple way to add a little holiday magic.

Upgraded Rims | Sugar & Spice

A perfect way to highlight the flavors of the season, don’t forget to dress up the rims of your holiday cocktails! Cinnamon sugar and edible glitter are a couple of our favorites.

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