Fun Things To Do On Galentine’s Day

Toast to the gals with woman-owned wines on Galentine’s Day (February 13th). Owned & managed entirely by women, we at Le Grand Courtâge raise a glass to the leading ladies in our lives, the friendships we hold dear! Translating to The Great Courtship, we celebrate the courtship between French and American wine culture, grapes from different regions, old and new world wine styles, and of course relationships between people that truly make our lives meaningful.

We’ve curated some chic, elevated ideas to celebrate Galentine’s Day with your gal pals.  All the info below is contained in this free downloadable guide

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Galentine’s Day is all about celebrating female friendships. Incorporating sparkling wine or champagne into your Galentine’s Day celebration can add a touch of elegance and fun. Here are some creative ideas:

  • DIY Champagne Cocktails: Set up a DIY champagne cocktail station with various fruits, juices, and syrups (make it easy with our cocktail kit). Provide recipes or let everyone create their own signature champagne cocktails. Browse our free sparkling wine cocktail recipe ebooks here.
  • Champagne Tasting Flight: Organize a champagne tasting, offering different types of sparkling wine. Provide tasting notes and encourage discussions about flavors and preferences.
  • Champagne Pairing Dinner: Plan a dinner party with dishes that complement the flavors of sparkling wines. Here are our top pairings for sparkling wine.
  • Champagne Paint Night: Bubbles & Brushed anyone?!  Host a painting session accompanied by champagne. Set up easels, canvases, and painting supplies while sipping on bubbly and expressing creativity.
  • Champagne Picnic Under the Stars: Pack a basket with delicious snacks, cheeses, and of course, champagne. Head to a scenic spot, lay out blankets, and enjoy an evening picnic under the stars.
  • Champagne Brunch Gathering: Host a glamorous brunch with a mimosa bar featuring different fruit juices to mix with champagne. Dress up, enjoy delicious food, and toast to your friendship. Get the Ultimate Brunch Party Guide here.
  • DIY Champagne Spa Day: Combine the luxury of champagne with a spa day. Soak in a champagne-infused bath, use champagne-based skincare products, and sip on bubbly while pampering yourselves. Here are our favorite DIY champagne spa recipes & rosê spa recipes.
  • Champagne Sabering Lesson: Learn the art of sabering champagne bottles with our step by step guide here. It’s a unique and entertaining activity that can add excitement to the celebration.
  • Champagne Charcuterie Pairing: Create a stunning charcuterie board with an array of meats, cheeses, fruits, and nuts. Pair each selection with different types of champagne for a sophisticated tasting experience. Get our expert champagne grazing board tips here.
  • Champagne-Inspired Games Night: Host a game night with champagne-themed games or trivia. Create a trivia quiz about champagne facts or play games like “Guess the Champagne Brand” blindfolded. Cham-pong, anyone?
  • Champagne Crafting: Use empty champagne bottles for DIY crafts. You can make candle holders, vases, or even create personalized labels for future celebrations. We love bedazzling the bubbles bottles!
  • Crafting Session: Gather supplies and have a crafting session—create personalized jewelry, paint pottery, or try your hand at a new crafty project.
  • Cooking or Baking Class: Take a virtual cooking or baking class together. Learn how to make a new cuisine or dessert from scratch. A Champagne Cake has an amazing airy-ness and moistness.. Here are our favorite 5 easy champagne food recipes.
  • Outdoor Adventure: Plan a day outdoors—hiking, biking, or a picnic in a beautiful park. Enjoy nature and each other’s company.
  • Bubbles & Books: Choose a book to read together and have a book club meeting. Discuss the book, share thoughts, and maybe even dress up as characters from the story.
  • Memory Lane Movie Night: Create a movie marathon of your favorite films or ones that hold sentimental value for your friendship. Add popcorn, French rosé, cozy blankets, and reminisce about old times. Here’s our list of feel good movies :)
  • Virtual Wine or Cocktail Tasting: Organize a virtual wine or cocktail tasting session. Try our French wine trio tasting pack to try and discuss their flavors together.
  • Vision Board Party: Get together to create vision boards. Gather magazines, scissors, and poster boards to envision your goals and aspirations for the coming year. Here are our 4 steps to creating an empowering vision board.
  • Dance Class: Attend a dance and let the JOY come out—whether it’s in person or online. It’s a fun way to stay active and bond over something new.
  • Volunteer Together: Find a local charity or cause and volunteer your time together. It’s a rewarding way to spend the day and give back to the community.
  • Self-Love Affirmation Workshop: Spend time together practicing self-love and affirmation exercises. Share positive affirmations and support each other’s personal growth.
  • Collaborative Art Project: Work on a collaborative art piece. Whether it’s a painting, a mosaic, or a sculpture, contribute your creativity to make something special together.
  • Letter Writing Party: Write letters to your future selves or to each other. Share hopes, dreams, and words of encouragement for the journey ahead.
  • Customized Gift Exchange: Organize a gift exchange where each person creates or buys a personalized gift for another, celebrating individuality and thoughtfulness.

Remember, the essence of Galentine’s Day is about cherishing friendships, so tailor these activities to what your friends enjoy most!

Fun Things To Do On Valentine’s Day

We’ve curated some chic, elevated ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your love! From elevated at home date night ideas to romantic champagne date night pairings, celebrate with Le Grand Courtâge, romantic French wines that translate to The Great Courtship, the ultimate wines for all things LOVE!

Creativity and sentimentality can make Valentine’s Day even more special. Incorporating sparkling wines  into your Valentine’s Day plans can add sophistication and sparkle to your celebration. These innovative ideas can infuse romance and excitement into your Valentine’s Day celebration while celebrating with the elegance of champagne. Cheers to a wonderful and memorable day! Here are some innovative ideas for a memorable champagne-themed Valentine’s Day:

  • Champagne Brunch in Bed: Surprise your partner with a luxurious champagne brunch served in bed. Include fresh fruits, pastries, and a bottle of bubbly for a romantic start to the day. Need brunch inspiration? Head to our brunch blog.
  • Champagne and Chocolate Pairing: Organize a tasting session pairing different types of champagne with various chocolates. Explore how different flavors complement each other.
  • DIY Champagne Bottle Painting: Get creative and decorate champagne bottles together with paints, glitter, or personalized labels. Use these as decorative pieces or keepsakes.
  • Champagne-infused Dinner: Cook a special dinner together and incorporate champagne into the recipes. From appetizers to desserts, find recipes that use champagne as an ingredient.Here are our favorite 5 easy champagne food recipes.
  • Champagne Spa Retreat at Home: Transform your home into a spa with champagne-themed treatments. Create champagne-infused face masks or bath soaks for a luxurious pampering session. Here are our favorite DIY champagne spa recipes & rosê spa recipes.
  • Champagne Tasting Game: Blindfold each other and conduct a blind tasting of different champagnes. Try to guess the brands or types and see who can identify them correctly.
  • Moonlit Champagne Picnic: Plan a romantic picnic under the stars. Pack a basket with gourmet snacks, a cozy blanket, and a bottle of champagne to enjoy together.
  • Champagne Fondue Night: Set up a fondue station with a decadent champagne-infused cheese or chocolate fondue. Dip fruits, bread, or other treats for a delightful dining experience. Here’s a great fondue recipe we love!
  • Champagne Candlelit Bath: Create a relaxing atmosphere by running a warm bath with rose petals and scented candles. Enjoy a glass of champagne while soaking together.
  • Champagne-Themed Game Night: Play games with a champagne twist—create a trivia game about champagne facts or include a champagne-related challenge in your favorite board game.
  • Champagne Dessert Buffet: Bake or buy an assortment of champagne-infused desserts like cupcakes, macarons, or sorbets. Arrange them beautifully for a dessert buffet.
  • Champagne Cork Crafts: Get crafty and repurpose corks into DIY projects. Create coasters, keychains, or decorative items to commemorate the occasion.
  • Personalized Memory Jar: Decorate a jar and fill it with handwritten notes of favorite memories, inside jokes, or reasons why you appreciate your partner. They can read one each day.
  • DIY Love Coupons: Create personalized coupons for your partner—a free massage, a movie night of their choice, or a day without chores. Get creative and customize them to their preferences.
  • Adventure Scrapbook: Make a scrapbook filled with photos, ticket stubs, and mementos from your adventures together. Add handwritten notes or captions to reminisce about the moments.
  • Cook at Home: Create a romantic evening by preparing the meal together and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Here are our favorite romantic champagne date night pairings
  • Love Letter Treasure Hunt: Write a series of love letters or clues that lead your partner to different meaningful spots or hiding places where more notes or gifts are waiting.
  • Personalized Playlist or Mixtape: Curate a playlist or create a mixtape with songs that hold significance to your relationship—songs from special moments or lyrics that express your feelings.
  • DIY Terrarium or Planting Date: Build a terrarium together or plant a small garden. It’s a nurturing activity that symbolizes growth and can be a lasting reminder of your love.
  • Star Gazing Date: Set up a cozy spot outdoors with blankets and hot cocoa or a nightcap cocktail. Use a stargazing app to identify constellations and share stories while enjoying the night sky.
  • DIY Candle-Making Workshop: Create your own candles together. Experiment with scents and colors, and personalize them with labels or messages for a romantic touch.
  • Create a Vision Board for Your Relationship: Collaborate on a vision board that represents your dreams, goals, and aspirations as a couple. It’s a meaningful way to plan for the future together.

Feel free to personalize these ideas further based on your partner’s preferences and the unique dynamics of your relationship!

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