Elevated Date Night At-Home Ideas

Elevated date night, put a little JOY in your next date night. Whether going out or staying in, elevate your date by making simple upgrades to make the most of your quality time together. Le Grand Courtâge, Meaning “The Great Courtship”  our mission is all about bringing people to share food, wine, and laughter. We aim to be the best 15 minutes of someone’s day; inspiring them to celebrate life and cultivate joy in simple ways… because it’s the everyday moments in life that really matter.

 The mission was to create something which is approachable, affordable, and versatile. So that no matter the occasion, big or small, you can enjoy a 90+ point quality, romantic French wine from an elegant bottle on any budget.  

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Set the mood for your date with a refreshing apéritif!

What is an apéritif? 

To us, it’s truly an art form – and an inspiring way to elevate the everyday! A French tradition, an apéritif is an alcoholic drink before a meal to stimulate the appetite. They are commonly dry libations, which is why a favorite choice for an apéritif is sparkling wine and sparkling wine cocktails!   Usually served with appetizers or “amuse-bouche, such as crackers, cheese, bread,  pâté, or olives.”

Two famous Sparkling Aperitifs/Champagne Cocktails

The Kir Royale or the Aperol Spritz

Need some inspiration for a fun fizzy cocktail? We’ve curated dozens of easy sparkling and rosé cocktail recipes here.

Common at restaurants and dinner parties, It’s not necessarily about the drink itself. It’s about the experience of dining, gathering, and connecting. Taking time to enjoy the meal and the company.

Bring Back The Night-Cap!

Wrap up the evening with a glass of bubbly: fresh, fun, light (only 90 calories per serving!) not to mention oh-so-flirty! Because of their versatility- sparkling and rosé wines pair with almost everything – from romantic desserts to popcorn or chips for movie night in! Pair a glass with chocolate-covered strawberries or any fun, savory late-night snack.

Celebrate your courtship in the small moments, and find joy in the everyday. Santé!


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