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Emily In Paris has captured our hearts for the past two seasons on Netflix. Emily Cooper has a relatable charm and a pixie quality, but sophistication and je ne sais quoi, despite her faux pas’ and missteps makes people want to learn more. The characters’ social lives, soirees, and what they eat, and drink are just another element of what intrigues people and what they want to emulate from the show. Falling in love with the light-hearted storyline and characters is easy, and we couldn’t help but indulge further in the romance of France on the screen.

Our Story

Like Emily, Le Grand Courtâge Founder, CEO, and Proprietor American Tawnya Falkner left for France – without being fluent in the language! She took the leap, gave up her career as a designer/real estate developer in California, and moved to Burgundy, France to follow her passion for wine.  When she set out on this journey, she saw a unique opportunity to create an affordable luxury that is timeless and elegant, yet contemporary and relatable. With her business and marketing background, she saw a gap in the sparkling wine category and an opportunity to create an affordable luxury to embody the French spirit of ‘Joie de Vivre’ and both elevate and celebrate life’s everyday moments.

Tawnya’s vision to create an affordable everyday luxury resulted in Le Grand Courtâge and the newly launched rosé,  Très Chic, all award-winning French wines with appealing, modern character and elegant packaging, each with their own essence and personality, not unlike the characters in Netflix’s Emily In Paris!

The Great Courtship

Le Grand Courtâge, intended to mean, “the great courtship” reflects the journey of life as we navigate and negotiate love and friendships (similar to the show).  Our name signifies French and American styles converging and it is a marriage of the old and new world.  Like Emily, we are all about Amour and bringing an air of chic sophistication and Haute-ness…  

We drew some amazing parallels between our brand and the show, including the personalities of Emily, Mindy, and Camille respective to our three distinct French wines. 

While you might not be in Paris, you can channel your inner Francophile and pretend.  Our wines are perfect for Breakfast to Dessert, and are delicious on their own, as a food pairing, an aperitif &/or for cocktails.  For us, it is about maintaining a ‘champagne state of mind’ &/or living through ‘rosé colored glasses, much like Emily and all her friends.

While the wines are fabulous on their own, we also love a champagne cocktail to elevate any Occasion. Click Links for recipes  LGC Cocktails by Spirit Type or  LGC Healthy/Low & Lite Cocktails  or our  Spritz Alternatives and we have Frosé Cocktail Options  We also offer a lot of entertaining inspiration Entertaining Inspiration & Playlists

Frosé recipe slushy

Le Grand Courtâge Blanc de Blancs Brut

Camille: Classic, effortlessly chic, and quintessential Parisienne, Camille’s vibe and style are the perfect embodiment of our Blanc de Blancs brut!

Wine Description:

Aromas: bright flavors of green apple, ripe melon, honeysuckle, and toasted brioche.

Flavor Profile: a delicate balance of dryness and acidity lingers with flavors of Meyer lemon, honeydew & soft floral notes. Crisp, light, and refreshing with baby bubbles.

Frosé recipe slushy

Le Grand Courtâge Brut Rosé

Emily: Classic with a romantic twist, youthful, optimistic (maybe even adorably naive), and fun! Emily’s vibrant approach to life is the vibe of our brut rosé.

​​Wine Description: 

Aromas: bright aromas of fresh strawberry, raspberry, and pomegranate combine with notes of lilac and violet.

Flavor: deliciously seductive while smooth and versatile. A perfect balance of freshness, fruit, acidity, and sweetness.

Frosé recipe slushy

Très Chic Rosé

Mindy: Trendy, bold, and brave and definitely marches to the beat of her own drum, Mindy and her fashionable essence are the definition of a Très Chic woman!

​​Wine Description:

Flavors: notes of red berries, grapefruit, and tropical fruit this is a refreshing treat. Dry with a nice balance of fruit and acidity.

Aromas: this rose petal-hued wine offers aromatics of red currant and thyme.

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