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Looking to showcase your creative prowess and build the best cheese board, paired with the perfect bubbly? Look no further than this guide.

Belle English, the test kitchen cook and perfect cheese board savant at Williams Sonoma, provides a step-by-step guide on creating a spectacular presentation.

1. Have a robust mix of goat, blue, aged, soft, and hard cheeses. Ideally, you can fit all of those elements, and of course, some will pull double-duty, like an aged Gouda. Once you pick your cheese, pick out aboard. Belle says, “I love a big round board. It feels more abundant when it’s round.”

2. Start Wisely, With Star Elements. “Look at it from an artist’s perspective.” Stars with your statement piece – a lovely jar of jam, or local honey – and arrange things around them.

3. Don’t Slice Too Much. “Often people cut cheeseboard elements too much,” says Belle. “Make it more organic. Rip the bread. Crumble the blue cheese. Cut just one slice out of the wheel. It makes it more of an experience.” Learn how to cut cheese like a pro with Roth.

4. Sweet With Pungent; Nutty With Bright. Put that pungent Gorgonzola next to a tiny vat of honey and a clutch of walnuts. They balance one another out. 

5. Consider 3 Meats, Because Why Not? “Classic and mild (prosciutto di Parma), spicy like Calabrese, and super-fragrant or herbaceous, with fennel or herbs, like finnochiona [salami variety]. For vegans and vegetarians, add Marcona almonds and pistachios! Check out a how to on creating salami roses here!

6. Plan Your Wine Pairing. We love pairing sparkling wines, white wines, and rosé with a charcuterie board. If you are leaning towards a sparkling wine or champagne, consider a blanc de blancs, crémant, or rosé champagne. The bubbles act as a scrubber for your palate and sparkling wine is the most versatile food pairing wine. If you are considering a still wine, we love a French rosé, typically lighter bodied with mineralogy that cuts through the weights of meats and cheeses.

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When thinking of how to pair cheese with our Blanc de Blancs Brut or Brut Rosé, we are fans of semi-soft cheeses like goat, triple brie, camembert, or Gruyere.

When considering the best cheese to pair with our French rosé, ​Très Chic, we suggest an Aged Chèvre, salty feta, sharp blue cheese, fresh burrata, or a goat gouda.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment with your cheese board creation and add your personal touch by layering in savory, a little spice, fruits, honey, and even edible flowers for a pop of color. There is no wrong way to Live Joyously!

Cheese Board Guide & Images: Williams Sonoma

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