What is an apéritif

What is an apéritif?


To us, it’s truly an art form – and an inspiring way to elevate the everyday! A French tradition, an apéritif is an alcoholic drink before a meal to stimulate the appetite.

The word aperitif comes from a Latin root, meaning “to open,” which is exactly the purpose of the drink: to prepare the stomach for the meal and to open up the palate for tastes to be enjoyed during dinner. When you greet your dinner guests with an aperitif, you’re doing much more than simply welcoming them to your home with a cocktail, you’re getting them ready to savor every morsel you serve.

An aperitif is similar to amuse-bouche in terms of food. What seems like a generous offering, in fact, serves the additional (mildly selfish) purpose of making the food you’ve prepared even more appealing! Since they’re meant to open up the palate rather than overwhelm it, aperitifs are light and crisp, and not super high on the alcohol content.

They are commonly dry libations, which is why a favorite choice for an apéritif is sparkling wine and sparkling wine cocktails!   Usually served with appetizers or “amuse-bouche, such as crackers, cheese, bread,  pâté, or olives.”

Two Sparkling Aperitifs/Champagne Cocktails:

The Kir Royale or the Aperol Spritz “Kir and Kir Royale are two classic, classy cocktails. Cassis is a black currant liqueur, which adds a combination of dark and bright fruits notes that act as an ideal foil to the wine. I prefer the Kir Royale. Bubbles are fun, and they give the heavier notes in the cassis some levity.” —Tom Macy

Common at restaurants and dinner parties, It’s not necessarily about the drink itself. It’s about the act of dining, gathering, connecting.. Taking time to enjoy the meal and the company.

One could actually say the apéritif is the perfect illustration of the drive behind our wines.

Le Grand Courtâge or “The Great Courtship”  is all about bringing people to share food, wine and laughter. We aim to be the best 15 minutes of someone’s day; inspiring them to celebrate life and cultivate joy in simple ways… because it’s the everyday moments in life that really matter.

It’s about elevating the everyday and adopting a champagne state of mind in everything you do. The mission was to create something which is approachable, affordable, and versatile. So that no matter the occasion, big or small, you can enjoy a 90+ point quality wine from an elegant bottle on any budget.

From a simple weeknight apéritif at home, or a champagne toast at The Four Seasons, relish in the French spirit of  joie de vivre in every sip!