A great way to celebrate with family and friends is to host a wine and cheese party!

Gathering your friends and family for a celebration is always a good time with some wine and cheese. It’s actually a great way to celebrate for busy people out there and lazy cooks. You don’t need to cut or prepare anything for cooking or baking, which is actually less stressful while throwing a party. You get the pleasure of creating a fun, colorful, and beautiful platter. There is something so satisfying about making and serving a cheese platter. It actually brings joy to my spirit. It’s great to know that there is something for everyone and it’s always fun and adventurous to try new and different cheeses and wines. A beautiful cheese platter with some LGC wine is not only a hit for holiday parties, but they are also a great fit for dinner parties.

I understand that it could feel a little bit intimidating to host a wine and cheese party but if you follow our guide, it will be a guaranteed success. In this blog post, we will provide you with a quick and easy-to-follow guide. We will make this low-prep, no-cook party preparation a memorable and enjoyable moment for you.

This is just a guide there are no rules, however, being knowledgeable on how to pair cheese and wine is very helpful. Different flavors react in ways that enhance or diminish one another.

We already know that most people already do enjoy wine and cheese, but having some knowledge and understanding can take your hosting wine and cheese party game to a whole other level!

What to serve with Wine and Cheese?

One of the key benefits of throwing a wine and cheese party is that you do not need to cook! You can lay all your focus on getting the best cheese and wine to serve to your guests. Instead of spending hours in the kitchen. In order for you to make a complete cheese board we need to add some other additions to the platter. We want to build a cheese board that serves everything. This is why we add some sweetness and savory extras to the cheese platter. We also like to add some extra slices of bread and crackers nearby to munch on.


What Cheese are we serving?

Okay, so the recipe to create the perfect pairing is to expand your knowledge of cheese. Expanding your knowledge of cheese will help you pair correctly. 

Don’t serve cheese on its own. Pair with tasty compliments.

As we mentioned earlier we need to add some extra flavors to the platter. We mentioned that we add something sweet and savory.

wine and cheese pairing

Let’s start with savory.

Cured meat + Seafood

Cured meats such as salami, prosciutto, pancetta, chorizo, and many more pairs so well with cheese.

We recommend remaining with only one variety per board and organizing it in two unique parts of the board to give the illusion that there are two options.

Salty Bites + Condiments

This is very simple, and much easier than cutting and prepping food for cooking. All you need to do is place them in small, aesthetically pleasing vowels and/or arrange them on the cheeseboard.

Something Sweet

As mentioned earlier we need some sweetness to excite the board. This could be fresh or dehydrated fruits and veggies. Or some honey, jams, maple syrup, etc. Our favorite pairing snack is freeze-dried strawberries from Target, check them out here.

Something Crunchy

It’s always a good idea to add dried fruits and toasted nuts. They both work great with sweet and savory pairings for many different kinds of cheese. It’s always satisfying to add some crunchiness and they really can help fill up the spaces. Your guests will definitely enjoy munching on cheese, crackers, nuts, and cold cuts.

Crackers + Bread

Include a beautiful basket on the table that is associated with different kinds of pieces of bread like sliced baguettes, breadsticks, and different types of crackers in all shapes and forms.

Other Options


The Wine

We recommend that you at least pick from 2-4 different types of wine. No more than 6 wines unless it’s a larger gathering. You should always include the options of red wine and white, and/or Rose for your guests to choose from. 

Honestly, you could get away with serving just one red wine and one white wine. Just make sure that they are versatile. 

Learning a bit more about wines will help you pair correctly.

Wine and Cheese pairing

We are all familiar with how well a glass of wine goes well with cheese. One compliments the other, the combination is mouth-watering. Cheese is there to make any wine taste better. 

But which wine goes well with what cheese?

As you can tell wine and cheese pairing possibilities are endless! We suggest that you pick the wine first then the cheese. To make it easy for you, we’ve broken things down into wine categories. 

  • Sparkling Wine
  • White Wine
  • Rose Wine
  • Dessert wine

champagne pairing

How much to buy?

This might be difficult or even easier than you think. It all depends on the number of your guests and also on the season if it’s summer or winter.

Depending on the number of guests, the rule of thumb is to at least have about 6 unique cheeses. Serving about 25-60g/1-2 ounces of each type of different cheese per person.

And for the cured meats/seafood we recommend 60-140g/2-5 ounces per person. 

This shall be served with your other condiments such as fruit, nuts, honey, and jams. Also your bread and crackers as well.

How to set the table

Depending on how large your party is, we recommend setting your cheeses up buffet-style for smaller gatherings. If it is a large party we recommend setting up several different tables with wine and cheese pairs on various tables. 

It’s always nice to add some beautiful decorations like seasonal flowers, pretty tablecloths, and seasonal centerpieces will all improve the party and make it look nice.


To make sure you have everything you need for the party it is very important to plan. By planning I mean weeks early. Have a list on that you write your food and drink choices just like a grocery shopping list. As the day passes pick items instead of doing it all at once.

It’s time to party!

We hope that you developed confidence in hosting a beautiful wine and cheese party and that our guide was helpful! If you read thus far? You are more than prepared to host your own Wine & Cheese party. Just make sure your throw in some creativity, positive energy, and some awesome wine, and your guests shall be happy!




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